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Email Templates

Ventrata provides a suit of default email templates for customer communication. These have a standard hardcoded format, parts of which can be modified to reflect your unique branding, ensuring your emails are consistent with your brand identity while providing all necessary information.

Content created using email templates is then appended to the predefined sections.

Email Template Body Text

You can choose to enable only some email types, and specify whether to enable them for your entire supplier account or only for certain products.
You can customise the following types of emails:

Email TypeDescriptionWhere can I enable the email?
Order Confirmation Emailsent to the customer when a booking is made in their nameProduct detail, Supplier Settings
Order Cancellation Emailsent to the customer when the booking is cancelledProduct detail, Supplier Settings
Order Update Emailsent to the customer when their booking is redeemed, a payment has been added to a balance due booking, a cancellation of one or more bookings included in the order or the entire orderProduct detail, Supplier Settings
Booking Reminder Emailsent to the customer 1 day before the travel dateProduct detail, Supplier Settings
Booking Feedback Emailsent to the customer a certain amount of time after the travel date; you can set this in the 'Feedback Email Delay' field on the Supplier Settings formProduct detail, Supplier Settings
Reseller Application Emailsent to a reseller when they register on your sales portalSupplier Settings
Reseller Welcome Emailsent to a reseller when their agent account is activatedSupplier Settings
Order Recovery Emailsent to the customer when they start a booking on the web checkout but abandon it before completing itWeb Checkout
Waiver Reminder Emailsent to the customer as a reminder to sign a waiver attached to the bookingProduct detail, Supplier Settings

Create Email Templates

In the Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Email Templates .

Products - Email Templates

Enter the name of the template.

This can contain the purpose of the email (booking, cancellation) and the product for which the email is intended.


Attach any supplementary documents relevant to the email type.

This can be used to attach departure schedules, which will be automatically included in the email. Please note that it is not possible to remove uploaded attachments. If you uploaded an attachment by mistake or the wrong one, we recommend creating a new template, copying the contents without attaching documents or attaching the correct one.

PDF vouchers are appended to confirmation emails by the system.


Click in the 'HTML Body' field.

The 'Text body' field is designated for your SMS template. This functionality has been outsourced to Twilio.

Press the large pen icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Edit HTML Body

Click in the body field area. A tool pane appears onscreen. Use the pane to format your text, or add tables or images to your email.

Movehover over the three dots, then click and move the pane around your screen
Boldhighlight text and select to format text in bold
Italichighlight text and select to format text in italic
Linkhighlight text and select to insert link to text selection
Justify Contentalign text to the left, centre or right
Heading H1highlight text and select to make text a H1 heading
Heading H2highlight text and select to make text a H2 heading
Paragraphhighlight text and select to make text a paragraph
Bulleted Listselect to make text a bulleted list
Numbered Listselect to make text a numbered list
Tableselect to make text a table
Right Indentbulleted lists: turn bullet point into a lower level bullet point; numbered lists: start numbering from 1., indented to the right
Left Indentbulleted lists: turn bullet point into higher level or remove bulleted list; numbered lists: return to the numbering of the first level or remove numbered list
Line Breakadd a line break
Imageadd an image, see how you can adjust image size
Preformatted Textpresent snippets of code as written in HTML source code
Step Backundo the previous step
Step Forwardredo the next step
Deletedelete text or element

When you are happy with your content, press the green checkmark in the top left corner of the screen to save your changes.

Save Changes

Press the Create Email Template button.

Create Email Template

If you support multiple languages, make sure to enter the appropriate language variations.

Adjust Image Size

When you add an image, it initially appears as a thin black line. However, upon saving, it may appear significantly larger than expected. This behavior is normal and does not accurately reflect how the image will display in the email. To confirm the image size, we recommend sending a couple of test emails.

If the image size needs adjustment, hover over the image element and move the mouse pointer to the far-right corner. Then, drag the element to the right to enlarge the image or to the left to reduce its size. Pay attention to the size indicator to ensure your image dimensions are correct.

Resize Image

Image Size: Original Image Size (left) & Reduced Image Size (right)

The area highlighted in red is edited using Email Templates. Learn more about adjusting the colour scheme and logo (coloured band at the top) using Brands.

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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