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Gift Cards

Gift cards are a new feature in Ventrata that allows customers to purchase a voucher, for any amount they wish, that can then be used to purchase any of your products. These can be redeemed both on the customer-facing website and on the backoffice by staff

Selling gift cards online

Gift cards can be purchased on your website at any product checkout. On any product page you will see a Buy Gift Card button in the top right above the calendar and ticket options.

From here the customer will fill out the desired amount, and enter their personal details.

There will be shown also Suggested Gift Card Values according to the product through which the gift card is being purchased.

They will then be taken to the familiar checkout screen and through to the confirmation screen upon payment.

From the confirmation screen they can Download Gift Cards, as well as adding a message to it and sending that message on to the email address of their intended recipient. They will also receive an email to the address they entered in when paying.

Selling Gift Cards from the Dashboard

When clicking on New Order, you will now see a dropdown. To sell a normal tour click on Booking. To sell a gift card click on Gift Voucher. For retail purchases, click on Retail Purchases (these are items, such as gift shop items, bottles of water, etc, that would be set up on your account but in most cases they are not used.)

Once you've clicked on gift voucher you will be able to enter in the amount, and the RECIPIENT's contact details. This is for whomever the gift card is intended for, not the purchaser. That is on the following screen. These fields are not mandatory.

The next screen is where the PURCHASER's contact info would go. The only field really necessary here is the email field so that the gift card can be sent out.

You will then follow the familiar checkout

From here you will be taken to the booking confirmation where you can cancel and refund it, update it, or all of the usual actions.

Redeeming Gift Cards

From your website

To redeem a gift card from the website they will only need the reference code located in their email.

From your website on any product, check out as you normally would by selecting your tickets, dates, and tour time, and then click Add to Cart.

You will now see the Redeem Gift Voucher on the payment screen.

From here simply enter in the reference and click OK.

You will now see your cart total go down to 0 if there is enough money on the card to cover the cost. If you do not have enough balance to cover it then it will take the remaining balance of your gift card. You can then pay the remaining with normal payment methods.

When the booking is confirmed the customer will receive an email with their tickets, and a separate email showing their gift card balance.

Redeeming from the Dashboard

From the dashboard you will see an option to redeem a Gift Card on the checkout when choosing a payment.

This is where you would enter the customer's gift card reference. If you are not using a gift card then ignore this option. If you do not have enough balance to cover it then it will take the remaining balance of your gift card and you can then pay the remaining with normal payment methods.

Managing Gift Cards

To see any gift card purchases go to Bookings > Gifts on the dashboard.

From here you can open a gift card booking where you can perform all of the usual booking functions, as well as updating the gift card to a different amount by clicking Update.

Offering Gift Cards as Credit

In the event that you want to give a customer a gift card without taking payment, for example, in the event of a refund for an unhappy guest, you can sell a gift card and choose the payment method Other.

They will then be able to use that gift card to purchase your products and you will have recorded the transaction but not taken money for it.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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