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Multi-Date Package

Multi-date packages are products, which contain (include) multiple products (includes), the travel dates of which can be several days apart. This provides added flexibility to customers planning their journey across multiple days in advance and to operators, who can now configure flows to cater to a variety of customer demands.

Create Multi-Date Package Product

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Product > Products.

Products - Products

Create a product by pressing the + New Product button.

Products - + New Product

Enter the name of your product.

The URL path auto-populates using the name.


Scroll down to the product form and tick the 'Package' checkbox.
In the 'Validity Days' field, enter how many days the includes' travel dates can be apart from each other.

The number of validity days refers to the range of dates within which the travel dates of includes can be booked. Travel dates of packages with more than one include are determined by the travel date of the first date selected on any of the includes. For example, if validity is set to 10 days on a package with more than one include, the travel date first selected delimits a 21-day range with the first selected date in the middle, allowing a travel date selection of the second include 10 days before or after the first selection. See the example below. If validity days are set to 0, travel dates of all includes are on the same date as the first selected date. See the example below.

Tick the 'Package Multi-Date' checkbox.

Multi-Date Package Settings

WARNING: DO NOT CHECK the Package Product checkbox when creating a Multi-Date Package.

Adjust the rest of the settings to your needs, then press the Create Product button.

Create Product

Add Includes

Each include is in fact a regular product, which can be included in the package product.

On the product level of the package product, go to the Included Products tab.

Included Products

Press the + NEW INCLUDE button.

+ New Include

Tick the 'Optional' check box if the include does not have to be selected to complete a booking. The include is required if the box is left unchecked.


Select include groups if available.

Include groups are typically used for city passes. You can group includes into levels (for example, Premium or Standard) and offer a number attractions in each group.

Include Groups

Check the 'Offset Duration' checkbox if you wish to offset the travel date of the include by the duration of the package.

You can offset duration for return tickets.

Offset Duration

Enter by how long to offset the include from the package in minutes, hour or days.


Select a product to include in the package. If the product contains an option, please select that as well.

Other Product

Select a unit set on the include or keep the default package unit.


Enter an interval to reserve time before the next redemption if necessary.


Tick the 'Allow Overlap' checkbox if the tour dates of your package includes can overlap.

Notice the behaviour of two included products in the calendar when ‘Allow Overlap’ IS NOT enabled on either product. If both products are offset in days, then guests cannot book these two products for the same day. If both products are associated with timeslots (specific tour times), then guests cannot select overlapping timeslots or timeslots in the range of the other product’s duration.

Allow Overlap

Tick the 'Open Dated' checkbox if a tour date does not have to be selected at the time of booking.

Open Date must also be set on the included product (Required Date).

Open Dated

Select a specific tour time set on the include or leave blank to inherit all tour times.

Product Tour

Press the Create Include button.

Create Include

Inheritance Grid

This table illustrates where elements of a multi-date package product are pulled from. Where both the package product and the include can provide the element, include settings

Multi-Date PackageIncluded Products
Date & Time (opening hours)
Unit Extras
Booking Extras
Question per Ticket
Question per Booking
Booking Contact Fields
Unit Contact Fields
Meeting Points -
Language Option (tour commentary)
Optional Package Required
Number of Included Package
Alert Notice
Open Date (of included product)
Charity Roundup Message
Resource Allocation
Different Price for Time Slot

Multi-Date Package on the Web Checkout

EXAMPLE: Validity Days - 10

A package with validity days set to 10 allows the customer to select individual includes within a 10-day time period. The travel date of the first include determines the travel dates of the other includes (10 days before and 10 days after the first include's travel date are available).

On the web checkout, select a product.

Select Product

Select the number of tickets.
Press Continue on the bottom bar.


Select the travel dates and times of your includes.

Notice that the first include is booked for 17 April and the date picker of the second include allows booking 10 days before or after 17 April.

Select Date - Include 2

The second include is booked for 9 April, therefore the third include can now be booked within a much shorter period to accommodate the 10-day validity of the package.

Select Date - Include 3

You can change individual travel dates by pressing the selected date or you can reset all dates by pressing the Reset selection button.
Reset Selection

EXAMPLE: Validity Days - 0

A package with validity days set to 0 determines the travel dates of subsequent includes based on the date selected on the first include.

On the web checkout, select a product.

Select Product

Select the number of tickets.
Press Continue on the bottom bar.


Select the travel dates and times of your includes.

Notice that the first include is booked for 10 April and the travel date of the second include is pre-selected to 10 April.

Travel Dates

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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