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Postmark Campaigns

You have a working Postmark account.
Your Ventrata dashboard has been linked with your Postmark account.

If you need guidance on how to create a Postmark account and how to link it with Ventrata, read our articles Create a Postmark Account and Link Postmark with Ventrata.

Create Postmark Template

Postmark offers highly compatible and responsive email templates using HTML. You have the option to create your own code from scratch or use one of the pre-built templates and layouts.

Templates are the body of your email, unique to each type of email.
Layouts are common across templates; this is where you add elements that identify your brand. You can; however, choose to include your layout within the template structure, see below.

Learn more about templates and layouts in Postmark's Support Center.

Postmark does not host assets, including images, which means that you need to host them elsewhere using a hosting service. You can then reference the images by their URLs in the <img> tags throughout the template.

In your Postmark account, go to Servers page.
Postmark - Servers

Select a server.
Go to the Templates tab.

Servers - Templates

Press the Add template button in the centre.

Add Template

Choose a pre-built template or select Code your own to create a template from scratch.

Choose a Template

You have the option to choose a layout or place all the styling inside the email template.
Press the Continue button to start building.

Choose a Layout

Give your template a name (internal reference) and enter a subject line, which your customers can see.

You can use variables for replaceable content. Use them in the following format: {{ventrata_variable_name}}. For a list of available variables, please see the Postmark Variables page.

Name and Subject

Press the Edit tab in the template window.
Toggle 'HTML' and 'Text' to edit your template in the preferred format.

You can include scannable QR codes in the body of the email by adding the following piece of code: <img src="{{code_image_url}}" width="120px" height="120px">, where the {{code_image_url}} variable defines the QR code and the link to the booking. Please, always include the width and height parameters when using this variable.

Edit Template

Preview your edits by switching to the Preview tab.
Toggle 'HTML' and 'Text' to preview your template in the preferred format.

Preview Template

In the HTML view, press the Edit test variables button to edit and preview how your template looks using sample values.

Edit Test Variables

Press the Save button to save your edits.


You have the option to send a test email to preview your layout in different email clients.

Send Test

You can create up to 100 templates per server.

To edit the layout, press the Templates tab and select Layouts below. The same editing and previewing options are available as for Templates.

Switch to Layouts

Create Ventrata Campaign

Log in to your Ventrata dashboard.
Go to Products > Campaigns.

Products - Campaigns

Press the + New Campaign button.

Campaign - &plus; New Campaign

Enter a campaign name.
Keep the 'Active' field ticked.

Enter Name

Select the 'Postmark' campaign manager.

Postmark Campaign Manager

Select your Postmark template.

Postmark Template

You can include a promotion.


Tick 'Scheduled' to send campaigns automatically when conditions specified using the below parameters are met:

bookings made between the selected dates and times

Booking Period

travel dates between the specified dates


X days before or after Travel Date, Booking Date, Redemption Date or Cancellation Date


Target your campaign at bookings specified by 'Booking Sources', 'Booking Types' and 'Booking Statuses'.

Campaign Booking Parameters

Target specific languages.


Select what type of channel the campaign should use to deliver receipts (email or sms only).

Only Email Receipt &amp; Only SMS Receipt

Target specific destinations, products and resellers.

Additional Campaign Parameters

Press the Create Campaign button.

Create Campaign

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Updated on: 16/05/2024

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