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Twilio Campaigns

You have an upgraded Twilio account.
Your Ventrata dashboard has been linked with your Twilio account.

If you need guidance on how to create a Twilio account and how to link it with Ventrata, read our articles Create a Twilio Account and Link Twilio with Ventrata.

Create Twilio Template

This guide uses the no-code approach to build a template. For more information on how to build templates using some programming, please read Twilio's documentation.

In your Twilio console, go to the Develop tab.
Select Messaging > Content Template Builder.

Messaging - Content Template Builder

Press the Create new button.

Create New Content Template

Enter template name.

Use only lowercase letters, number and underscores for spaces.

New Content Template

Select template language.

Template Language

Select 'Media' content type.

This content type will allow for PDF attachments. If you do not plan to send attachments, you can choose the ‘Text’ content type. For more information on content types, visit Twilio Docs.

Media Content Type

Press the Create button.


In the Content section, enter your message in the ‘Body’ field.

Add variables in double curly brackets in the following format: {{ ventrata.variable_name }}. For a list of all variables, please see the Twilio Variables page.

Configure Content

Enter media URL in the following format:{{pdf_path}}

This is the Ventrata URL where the PDF tickets are pulled from.

Media URL

Press the Save button to save your Content Template.

You have the option to press the Save and submit for WhatsApp approval button, which will send your template to Meta for review. Typically, within 48 hours a response is provided. Read more about the approval process in Twilio Docs. A WhatsApp account needs to be connected to save a template with WhatsApp approval. Please see Twilio docs on how to Connect WhatsApp for more information.

Enter sample data, for example:

VariableSample Data
{{}}Old Town Hall
{{date}}16 Mar 2024
{{tour.time}}9:30 PM

Sample Data

Press the Save with samples button.

Save with Samples

If you saved with WhatsApp approval, select a template category
Marketing - the template is used to include promotions, informational updates, or invitations for customers to take action.
Utility - the template is used to help inform customers about a specific, agreed-upon request about an ongoing transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements

Submit for WhatsApp review

You have the option to allow WhatsApp to recategorise this template if they believe the selected category is not applicable for your template.

Allow WhatsApp to recategorise this template

Then press the Submit button.


All of your templates can be then found on the Content Template Builder main page with a WhatsApp approval status indicator.

You are not able to edit the template after you save it. You can duplicate a template, change its details and save the duplicate with the same name. If needed, you can then delete the original template.

Content Templates

Create Ventrata Campaign

Log in to your Ventrata dashboard.
Go to Products > Campaigns.

Products - Campaigns

Press the + New Campaign button.

Campaign - + New Campaign

Enter a campaign name.
Keep the 'Active' field ticked.

Enter Name

Select the 'Twilio' campaign manager.

Twilio Campaign Manager

Select your Twilio template.

Twilio Template

You can include a promotion.


Tick 'Scheduled' to send campaigns automatically when conditions specified using the below parameters are met:

bookings made between the selected dates and times

Booking Period

travel dates between the specified dates


X days before or after Travel Date, Booking Date, Redemption Date or Cancellation Date


Target your campaign at bookings specified by 'Booking Sources', 'Booking Types' and 'Booking Statuses'.

Campaign Booking Parameters

Target specific languages.


Select what type of channel the campaign should use to deliver receipts (email or sms only).

Only Email Receipt & Only SMS Receipt

Target specific destinations, products and resellers.

Additional Campaign Parameters

Press the Create Campaign button.

Create Campaign

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Updated on: 18/03/2024

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