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VivaWallet Payment Gateway

VivaWallet Issues:

Please note: VivaWallet supports only one currency, therefore the currency of the Ventrata supplier must match the VivaWallet currency settings.

VivaWallet Settings

If VivaWallet is live, please ensure that you fill in all the fields in the payment gateway section of your dashboard (Supplier Settings > Gateways) as well as in the VivaWallet settings as seen below.

Ventrata - VivaWallet Gateway Settings

Please note that in the VivaWallet Gateway Settings, the 'Source code' field must be set to 'Default' state.

The issues below are some you may encounter as a result of incorrect settings:
Error - Person does not Support Currency in "TEST ENV"
Access Denied
Transaction Details: Your Payment was Successful
OrdersOrderCodeNotFound: Order with Code 0 was not Found

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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