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How to Create and Manage Extras

Extras are non-booking items, such as mugs as souvenirs. Extras are created on the Product Level , they have their own price and are always sold with a booking.

Create a New Extra

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.
Go to the Extras tab.
Press the + NEW EXTRA button.

+ New Extra

Enter extra name.
Enter a description as needed.

Name & Description

Enter a code for the extra.
Add new or existing tags.

These fields are useful for filtering and reporting purposes.

Code & Tags

Select whether an extra is added for each ticket or the entire booking.

Available On

Select whether the extra is always required, required when the original product is upgraded or both. The extra will be automatically preselected during booking.


If the extra is available on the booking (step 6.), you have the option to allow checkin reschedule and/or cancellation.

This is a self-service option on the customer facing web checkout, where you can let your customers change their travel dates or cancel their bookings altogether.

Checkin Reschedule / Cancellation Allowed

Upload a cover photo for the extra.

Cover Photo

Select the sales channels which include the extra.
If the extra is available on each ticket (step 6.), select the units where extras can be added.

Channels & Units

Select whether the price should be a percentage of the ticket price or a fixed price.
Enter the percentage or price value of the extra for each ticket tier.

Extra Price

Select the tax rate if applicable.

Tax Rate

If this is a timed extra, enter the duration in minutes, hours or days.


Select one or more extras which should not be bookable with this extra.

Blacklist Extras

Press the Create Extra button.

Create Extra


To adjust the price of an extra, press the Pricing button on the right. Using the available rate modifiers enter the individual prices

Rate - the amount the customer needs to pay to purchase the extra
Strike - the deleted price, this is useful if you wish to highlight an advantageous price change
Cost - the amount you invest into the extra, either the price of the purchase of a 3rd party product or a fixed cost per extra.

Press SAVE CHANGES to save your settings.

You can only change values for combinations of modifiers in this window. If you wish to change the percentage to fixed price or vice versa, you need to edit the Extra detail using the pen and paper icon.

Extra Pricing

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Updated on: 29/03/2024

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