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How to Manage Agents

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Creating an Agent on the Backoffice
Agent Options

An Agent is the person who performs a sale for a reseller that sells products on your behalf. They can have a login or not. They will have a login if they’re carrying out sales through a trade portal. They will not if they sell paper vouchers.

1. Creating an Agent in the Backoffice

Head to the Agent tab on the Reseller page and click + New Agent. A form will pop up to populate the fields for an Agent.

2. Agent Options

In the reseller details you will find a list of your agents displayed with information about their name, whether the agent account is active or not, whether the agent accepted T&C (this is set up in Supplier Settings as a "Concierge terms"), if the account is an admin account, their email address and the time of their last login.

On the far right side of each row, you can see a button to DEACTIVATE an agent or to RESET PASS in case the agent forgets his/hers password (this will send the agent an email with a reset password flow). Deactivated agent can be activated again by pressing the green Activate button that will appear.

Use the yellow Edit button to modify options for the agent, or click the red trash bin Delete icon to remove the agent completely.

When you are creating a new agent a window will pop up asking for information about the agent:

Name - agent name
Title - agent title (for example Head Concierge)
Tag - referrer tag
Cash PIN - require PIN to collect payment via bill to my account (not mandatory, only an extra security feature)
Email - email address the agent uses to log in
Password Confirmation
Admin - toggle this to make the agent an administrator

Show Commission - Show commission earned to agents
Adjust Price - head concierge can adjust the price downwards (the adjustment will be deducted from your commission)
Manage Agent Accounts - create or remove new agent accounts.
Make Voucher Transactions - to be able to collect money and cash through bill to my account

Skip Welcome Email - which is sent to the new agents

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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