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Operator & Barcodes

We will be going through the steps for creating an operator, importing barcodes received from the operator, and enabling a product to use these imported barcodes.

Creating an operator

Select Products > Operators > + New operator (leave the default checked values as is)

Please fill in the following fields Name, Email ( used to login to the operator portal), Password & Password Confirmation ( used to login to the operator portal)

Product configuration

After creating the operator we need to update the product configuration. In this scenario, we are using an existing product.

Products > Products > select the "product" we would like to work on** > select the "edit product" button > select "Operator" > check the “Allow Ticket” field > select "Update Product".

We need to update the unit configuration on the product, that will be using the imported barcodes.
Select the "edit unit" button, on the update unit modal, "Custom Barcodes" > select "Update unit".

Importing barcodes

Next, we will be importing the barcodes, using the following steps - select Products > Barcode > + New barcode
We fill in the "Name" field and selected for the required fields with *.

If you don’t have a destination(s) set up (Products > Destinations), the "Destination" field will not show up.

Most imported barcodes are done using file upload (.csv or .pdf file), we will be using a .csv file as an example.

We need to ensure the barcodes have:
position in the first column in the file
no column header,
no space in between the barcodes

After doing this we might have "0 codes imported" message in the "Create New Barcode" modal. We still need to go through the remaining steps.

Select "Create Barcode" to create the barcodes.

After creating the barcode and the "CODE REMAINING" column is showing up as zero, all we have to do is refresh the page.

Now when we make a booking with the product & unit we worked on, the ticket barcode assigned to the booking will be from the imported barcode.

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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