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In this section you can see an overview of all your ticket terminals. On the top of the screen you can see 3 pie charts:

Device - types of devices you are using
Version - of the Ventrata application
OS - operating system

Below you can find a list of all your devices with the following information:

Name - of particular device
Activated - yes / no
Source - Terminals, Concierge, etc
Serial - SN of the device
Last Seen Date - the last date terminal was used

You may also add another columns by Show Columns button:

Charging - yes / no
Battery Level - in %
Last Seen Time - the last exact time when the device was used
Label - custom label
Gateway - used for the payments

If you wish to add a new terminal, use the bottom + NEW TERMINAL.

When creating or updating a terminal you have some information to fill in:

Name - the name of the device
Test Mode - if you are in test mode, all the test booking data will count towards the total in dashboard, reports, etc. When you are in live mode, the test booking data is ignored
Serial Number - the serial number of the device
Destination - the destination where a terminal is being used, if you this is set in your account
Gateway - for the payments
Label - custom label for filtering purposes
Source - Terminals, Sales Kiosk, Concierge or 3rd Party Operator

According to chosen source you need to set the following:

Location - for sales Kiosk
Allowed delivery methods - for Concierge
Operator - for 3rd Party Product

Activated - by checking this box you will activate the terminal via your account
JSON Config - for admins only, internal purposses

In a Tracking section you may track your devices on a timeline by setting the exact time, date and destination and selecting a particular terminal.

It will show you it’s exact position on a map.

You may also Add Config, Remove Config and Archive particular terminals via Bulk Actions button (as well as Restore the archived ones later). Note also the Export button for downloading the information in CSV or Excel.

You may also Generate or Manage Report, which shows you Total, Minimum, Maximum, Average or Count of:

Battery Level


Last Seen Date
Last Seen Time

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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