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Booking Level

Booking Level refers to the booking detail, which appears when you select a specific booking on the Bookings page.

Bookings - Booking Level

The booking detail can be divided into several sections:


Customer Information - change these by pressing the pen and paper icon in the top left corner and add or change the following customer fields:

Customer Information
Field NameDescription
Tagsa flag associated with the customer; used for filtering and reporting purposes
Salutationhow the customer wishes to be addressed, for example, Mr., Mrs. or Ms.
First Namecustomer's first name
Last Namecustomer's last name
Companycustomer's company
Departmentcustomer's department
Titlecustomer's job title
Emailcustomer's email address
Mobilecustomer's phone number
Agecustomer's age
Languagecustomer's preferred language
Countrycustomer's country of residence
Addresscustomer's address (street name and number)
Citycustomer's address (city)
State/Provincecustomer's address (state or province)
Zip/Postal Codecustomer's address (zip number or postal code)
Notescustomer notes related to the order
Tax IDcustomer tax identification number
Tax Officetax office the customer is registered at
Send me the latest offers and exclusive discountswhen ticked, the customer subscribes to marketing communication
Email Receiptwhen ticked, the customer receives an email booking receipt
SMS Receiptwhen ticked, the customer receives the booking receipt in a text message to their phone

Reseller Details - reseller name, outlet, and agent; press the EDIT ORDER button to make changes to the following fields:

Reseller Details
Field NameDescription
Currencychange the reseller's currency using the drop-down field; only currencies allowed in Supplier Settings are listed here
Notification Emailsenter the operator/reseller email address, the primary recipient of all updates about the booking
Sourcechange where the sale was made from
Resellerchange which reseller made the sale
Outletchange which outlet the reseller made the sale from
Agentchange which reseller agent made the sale
Product Voucher Numberenter the reseller reference of a reseller voucher used to pay for the order
Voucher fileupload an image of the scanned voucher
Notesenter order notes

or press the RECONCILE ORDER button to assign the order to the correct reseller

Brief order summary - lists the source of the sale, how long ago the sale was made, order reference and the name of the seller or agent who made the sale (if available)

Order Summary

Order Details

Product details - lists the product code and name, destination and tour operator (if any), the booking status and product type are listed below the product details

Product Details

Travel Date - the day of the week, date, year, duration and start time of the tour
Tour Group - the name of the tour group the customer's booking is assigned to
Tickets - the count of tickets by tier (ticket type)

Travel Date, Tour Group & Tickets

Booking Reference - a unique 8-character alphanumeric string
Booking Total - the total price of the order

Booking Reference & Booking Total

You can collapse or expand the section below by clicking anywhere in the previous section.

Cart - an itemised list of tickets, their quantity, promotions, purchase items and the total


Order Management

Depending on your access level, you may not have the ability to use all of the below actions.

Order Actions

Sign Waivers - sign or send waivers to customers

A booking cannot be redeemed before all associated waivers are signed.

Redeem - mark tickets as redeemed as well as:
Print individual tickets per personprint a ticket for each person in the booking
Print single ticket for whole bookingprint one ticket for the entire booking
Redeem without Printingdo not print any ticket

Un-Redeem - changes such as changing booking tiers cannot be done on redeemed bookings. In those cases, press the Un-Redeem button, make the change and press the Redeem button.
Print Voucher - print a single voucher for the entire group or one for each person in the booking
Print Receipt - print a single receipt for the entire group or one for each person in the booking
Email Voucher - send the voucher to the customer via email

The email address for this action can be different than the one provided by the customer at checkout.

Download Waivers - download a PDF file of all signed waivers associated with the booking
Send Waiver Form - send the waiver form to the customer's email address

An email address must be entered in the customer details.

Reset Waivers - invalidate individual or all signed waivers
Add Task - associate a task with the booking
No Show - mark the booking as no-show when the customer does not show up for the tour
Make Changes - change the booking; pressing this button will take you to the booking form where you can change the booked product, tour dates and times, number and type of tickets

Be mindful of the price difference a change can cause. You may need to collect a balance due or pay back any overcharge.

Cancel Booking - cancel the booking either at the customer's request or due to other reasons which can be stated in the cancelation form; a canceled booking will be removed from the reseller's invoice unless you tick the 'Adjust invoice amount' checkbox, which will compensate the reseller for the canceled booking
SMS Voucher - send the voucher to the customer's phone number

Administrative tasks

Admin Links

View Shift - view the details of the seller's shift during which the booking was made
Debug Rates - in case rates on the booking do not seem correct, use the debug tool to help discover the issue
Download Reseller Voucher - download a PDF file of a scanned voucher used to pay for the tour
Invoices - automatically generated reseller and operator invoices are accessible from here


Additional details, such as pickup locations, hotels or guides assigned to the tour are listed here.


Guides - lists the guide(s) for this tour added in the manifest
Pickup - if a pickup was requested, the pickup name, locations, time are displayed here, you can additionally include notes pertaining to the pickup
Hotel - if a hotel was added during the booking, it will be listed here
Public Notes - add public notes such as dietary restrictions on behalf of the customer
Private Notes - add private internal notes
Questions & Answers - if the product includes any questions, the answers to them as entered during booking will appear here


An overview of your revenue and expenses resulting from the sale.


Booking Total - the total price of the booking
Cost Rate - the operating cost of the purchased product
Wholesale - the wholesale price of the purchased product
Commission - the reseller's cut from the sale
Receivable - the amount that you make from the sale or owe; a positive amount means that a reseller owes you and a negative amount means that you are meant to pay the reseller
Margin - the amount of your clean earnings; the formula is as follows: margin = total - cost - commission - payment_fees - net_tax


This section lists all the tickets in the booking, with the ticket code, price, status, type (tier) and extras (if any).


Quick Actions

Quick Actions

NEW BOOKING - make a new booking; this booking is not associated with the booking where the sale was made from
NEW UPGRADE - this action is currently not available
NEW PURCHASE - purchase a new item; this purchase is associated with the booking where the sale was made from. You can CANCEL or UPDATE the purchase at a later date.
New Purchase
NEW GIFT - purchase a gift card; this purchase is associated with the booking where the sale was made from. You can print or email the gift card; Make Changes or Cancel Gift at a later date.
New Gift

Payment Summary

An overview of transactions made on the order.

Payment Summary

Order Total - the total amount the customer is required to pay for the order
Total Paid - the amount the customer paid for the order; this can be a single payment or a combination of types of payments, for example, cash + voucher
Total Refunded - the total amount returned to the customer, for example, if the customer paid more than the price of the order, or when the order was cancelled
Balance Due / Overcharged By - the amount the customer is required to pay or the amount the customer is owed, respectively

Below the summary is an itemised list of the transactions related to the order:
Amount - the amount of the transaction
Action - indicates the direction of the transaction, for example, it may state a payment (by the customer) or a refund (by your operation), and the source of the transaction, for example, Backoffice or Direct API
Date - date and time of the transaction
Sold By - the name of the seller or reseller who performed the transaction
Notes - any notes added by the seller or reseller

Press VOID to delete the transaction or EDIT to add notes to the transaction.

Order Actions

Order Actions

ADD PAYMENT - if a payment has not been recorded in Ventrata for some reason but has been completed offline or online, press the ADD PAYMENT button with an explanation
PERFORM REFUND - refund a payment; you can choose to refund the entire order or only part of it by entering the amount in the 'Amount' field or by pressing the SET AMOUNT button by selecting specific item(s) for which tickets were returned or cancelled
PRINT RECEIPT - if you have a printer attached, you can print the order receipt
PRINT INVOICE - view, download and print invoices and statements
EMAIL RECEIPT - send the receipt to the customer's email address; if the 'Customer Email' field has been entered at checkout, the address will show up in the address field, or you can enter it manually before sending the receipt
PRINT ORDER - view or download the booking detail in PDF format and print; the printed document is a print representation of the booking detail, including logs at the bottom of the booking detail
Add comment + ATTACHMENT - add a comment and upload attachments pertaining to the order; any content added here will be appended to the User Comments tab (and All Logs tab) at the bottom of the booking detail; you can EDIT or DELETE comments and attachments at any time.


Any updates to the order are logged at the very bottom of the booking detail. To view specific types of logs, switch between the User Comments and System Updates tabs, or browse the All Logs tab for a complete list of logs.


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Updated on: 25/03/2024

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