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Customers is essentially a database of your customers' contact information gathered from bookings made by or for the customer, or manually added customers using the Ventrata dashboard interface.


Bookings - Customers

Default Columns

Customer First Name - first (and middle) name of the customer
Customer Last Name - last (family) name of the customer
Customer Email - a valid email address
Customer Mobile - a valid phone number, it is recommended to use international format
Orders - count of orders made under the customer's name
Sales - total value of all sales under the customer's name

Columns can be easily filtered by pressing the arrow next to the column title.


The action bar between the navigation bar and the orders table enables you to perform a number of additional functions.

Action Bar

Search bar - filter the customers table, using any of parameter from the available columns, see Generate Report below
Keep Filter - when using search, tick the checkbox to make the column filters available
Saved Searches - press Saved Searches > Save Current Search to save your current search parameters and filtered columns, or Saved Searches > Manage Searches to edit or delete existing searches

To learn more about saved searches, read our article Working with Saved Searches.

Reset All Filters - appears when a filter was used; press to reset filters to their default states
Bulk Actions - select one or multiple lines and press to apply an action on your selection; options include

Bulk ActionDescription
Archiveremove selected customers from the customers table; press the Restore button to restore archived customers

Show Columns - press to add new columns, or remove existing ones from your current view

The list of columns which can be added is listed at the end of this article, under Generate Report.

Export - export the customers table in CSV, Excel or SQL format
Generate Report - create charts and reports to analyse data from the customers table

To learn more about reports, read our article Working with Charts and Reports.

Report functionDescription
Totalsum of values
Minimumthe lowest value
Maximumthe highest value
Averagethe sum of values included in the report divided by their count
Countnumber of the selected parameter

You can choose to view information by selecting one or more of the following variables (Show' drop-down field):

'Show' VariableDescription
Orderscount of orders made under the customer's name
Salestotal value of all sales under the customer's name

and order your results by one or more of the following variables:

Selecting more than one variable will nest your selections depending on the order they have been picked. You may rearrange the variables to suit your needs, however we recommend you select one or two to make the report relevant.

'By' VariableDescription
Customer Contacta summary of a customer's contact information (full name, email address, phone number)
Customer Tagscustom tags assigned to a customer, used for filtering
Customer Salutationhow the customer wishes to be addressed, for example, Mr., Mrs. or Ms.
Customer Full Namesame as 'Customer', see above, but the customer name is typed without spaces
Customer First Namecustomer's first name
Customer Last Namecustomer's last name
Customer Companycustomer's company
Customer Departmentthe department in which the customer works at their company
Customer Titlecustomer's work title at their company
Customer Emailcustomer's email address
Customer Mobilecustomer's phone number
Customer Agecustomer's age
Customer Languagecustomer's preferred language
Customer Countrycustomer's country of residence
Customer Addresscustomer's address (street name and number)
Customer Citycustomer's address (city)
Customer Statecustomer's address (state)
Customer Postal Codecustomer's address (postal code)
Customer Notescustomer notes included at checkout
Customer Tax IDcustomer's tax identification number
Customer Tax Officetax office to which the customer belongs
Customer Marketingindicates whether the customer subscribed to receive marketing communication
Orderscount of orders made under the customer's name
Salestotal value of all sales under the customer's name
IDunique alphanumeric string identifying a customer

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Updated on: 04/03/2024

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